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Roswell Girls Lacrosse

What We Stand For

We are HUMBLE and HUNGRY.  We are a team.  We are a family. 

We support and encourage each other.  We hold each other accountable.  We lift each other up.  We protect each other.  We unite as one. 




Our mission is to provide a positive environment that prepares our student athletes to meet and exceed their goals on and off the field competing for championships and excelling as young women.


  1. Academic and Athletic Excellence- We will enforce a disciplined culture that embraces and expects athletic and academic success

  2. High School Athletic Alignment- understand the missions, goals, and expectations of Roswell HS Girls Lacrosse.  One Team.  One Goal.  One Roswell.

  3. Personnel- PEOPLE represent our most important asset.  The right people are a valuable asset to a successful program.  We will continue to invest in surrounding ourselves with the best people for our program.

  4. Measurable Results- It is our goal to perform at the highest level in each discipline.  We must understand the significance of each area and how they directly relate and/or impact one another.  

  5. Proud Past, WE ARE ROSWELL- We will accomplish all program goals by upholding the values and rich traditions of the Roswell Girls Lacrosse Program.  We will especially honor the legacy that the late, Coach Sue Scheer built at Roswell and always respect the many accomplishments of the past.  



Develop women of character and integrity.  Come together as a team and never settle for anything less than our best (together and individually).  And build confidence through overcoming obstacles and pushing each other harder to achieve more than any opponent we will ever face.

Core Values

Integrity.  Be on time, do what you say you are going to do, treat everyone on the team with respect.

Hard work.  You will work harder than you have ever worked before.  We will be efficient and manage our time well, but give 100% effort on every occasion.

Communication is key in life and most importantly, a leadership position.  It is the foundation for building trust.  

Be Hungry and Fearless.  WE ARE ROSWELL!  “There is a big difference between being concerned about winning or losing and being concerned about making the effort to win.  When you’re concerned only about winning, you’re worrying about something that you can’t completely control.  When you are emotionally attached to results that you can’t control, you tend to become anxious and try too hard.  You can only control the effort you put into winning.  Don’t use up your energy worrying about losing. Put that energy toward the effort needed to win.  Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.  Dare and you might, hold back and you never will.”

Have fun.  This game is about so much more than winning.

Leadership.  Leadership is not yelling to get someone to do what you want.  Leadership is inspiring them to do better by your actions. Be a leader that you would want to follow.  Help each other.  Love each other.

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